Odyssey and the Cyclops

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Although thought to be the under dog in the battle between the astute Odysseus and the robust Cyclops, Odysseus uses his wits to out smart the Cyclops in the dispute between them. With victory in the mind of the Cyclops does not know that his opponent has a plan in store for him. The Cyclops is thought as the stronger character in this brawl but only in physical appearance, and not in acumen. The Cyclops tries to fulfill his needs by acting impulsive and using his own emotions to control himself. Thus being a disadvantage for the Cyclops, he does not further question Odysseus when he asked where his boat was or what happened to his crew, his only instinct was to eat them. The Cyclops focuses too much on the importance of what he wants rather than what he needs. A good example of this was when the Cyclops drank the entire wineskin and got drunk leaving Odysseus open to ask him questions that could result in the Cyclops own death. If the Cyclops would have taken the time to think before he made is action to drink, he would have had a better chance of defeating Odysseus. With all of the conveniences that the Cyclops could have taken advantage of he failed to, such as knowing the land around him and his terrifying strength. Planning and canniness is key when it comes to out smarting the Cyclops. Odysseus’s sly actions caused him to succeed in this, "Cyclops,
you ask my honorable name? Remember
the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you.
my name is Nobody: mother father and friends,
everyone calls me Nobody."(book 9, 394-9) Saying this made the Cyclops believe that he was dealing with an average person and not a great hero. Odysseus is very guile when it comes to planning, he tells the Cyclops that his men are dead and his boat crashed on the rocks to avoid the Cyclops eating and destroying the boat.” My men’s heads were failed against the rocks”(books 9 454). Teamwork in any operation is to be the foundation to a distinct plan and can be a huge different when...
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