Odyssey, Calypso (mythology)

There’s an important lesson in the Odyssey that we can all live by. After reading all the stories throughout the Odyssey I learned that important lesson. That important lesson is that you should never give up on someone or something that’s important to you. You should keep on pushing to achieve a goal that you set for yourself even if people or things stand in your way. With enough effort and determination, you can accomplish the goals and missions in your life. In the Odyssey, Odysseus began his epic journey, unsure of the future. His goal was simply to defeat Troy, and then return home to his family. Just when he thought he had succeeded in his mission, he began coming home and things got in his way. His situation looked bad, but he didn’t give up. He spent seven helpless years with Calypso, but he never gave up hope of home or forgot about his goal. Throughout his long journey, he watched as his crew kept getting killed off, and he never gave up on leading his crew home. I’m sure he felt like giving up at some times, but he knew all his work would be for nothing if he didn’t go all the way. He never gave up on his family or home for twenty years until he was finally reunited. He kept trying no matter what kind of trouble he got himself into from gods to evil creatures. Even when he was the only one left to get home all by himself with no ship, he pushed on with the help of Athena. Eventually, his work paid off for him. I think this is a lesson we can learn from so we never give up on our goals or dreams.
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