Odysseus: Selfish Hero.

Topics: Odysseus, Greek mythology, Odyssey Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Morgan Kraft
Period 2
October 11, 2011
1st Quarter Essay

Jack Sparrow is a selfish hero. He thinks of himself most, but he truely cares for his men. He relates to Odysseus in that manner. Odysseus is also a selfish hero, but a hero all the same. This is proven by his courage, his cleverness, and his caring nature.

Odysseus is a hero because of his courage. This is shown on many occasions including in the episode with the Cyclops. Homer, in his epic poem The Odyssey describes how Odysseus "rammed it [the spike] deep in his crater eye" (Homer 692). This is courageous because the Cyclops could have killed him pretty easily and there are many ways it could have gone wrong, yet he did it anyway. Another example is when he enters the Land of the Dead. His courage is expresses through the following: "and I grew sick with fear. But presently I gave command to my officers to flay those sheep the bronze cut down, and make burnt offerings of flesh to the gods below" (Homer 701). Odysseus had no clue what could have happened to him there, but he knew to make it home he had to, even though he was scared. Listening to the Sirens song was a noble act as well, for the reason that he could have found a way to untie himself, but he knew he had to listen because of Circe’s warning of "the dangers he will face: the Sirens, who lure sailors to their destruction" (Homer 705). In the cases of the Cyclops, underworld, and Sirens Odysseus showed great bravery therefore he is a hero.

Another of Odysseus’s heroic traits is his cleverness. Proof of his wit is seen when he tells the Polythemus "My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy." (Homer 692). This shows that he has the ability to think ahead in difficult situations and not let his head get clouded. Yet another example is when he "slung a man under the middle one [sheep] to ride there safely" (Homer 694). This demonstrates his knowledge of whom he is around. Odysseus knew that the Cyclops...
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