Odysseus Has Many Positive Traits.

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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To begin with, Odysseus is a very effective leader because he is fearless. No matter what obstacles he has to face, Odysseus gives it everything he has. He stands up against monsters, gods, and even the elements. He fought against the god Circe when she turned his men to animals, “Without a word, I drew my sharpened sword and in one bound held it against her throat” (920 Homer). He also shows that he is fearless when he stands up against all the suitors that tries to take his place as king, “’You took my house to plunder, twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared bid for my wife while I was still alive. Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide heaven, contempt for what men say of you hereafter. Your last hour has come. You die in blood’” (957). He pulled a sword up against a god. Any other man would be afraid because of the consequences. Without Odysseus’s fearlessness he would not have survive his treacherous journey.

Next, Odysseus is very cautious. A good leader would not rush into dangerous situations without determining the possible outcomes. Odysseus is cautious when he enters the Cyclops cave, “’Why not take these cheeses, get them stowed, come back, throw open all the pens, and make a run for it? We’ll drive the kids and lambs aboard. We say put out again on good salt water! Ah, how sound that was! Yet I refused. I wished to see the caveman, what he had to offer-no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends’” (900). Many would think that being cautious is a worthless skill, but this skill can determine whether Odysseus would survive he journey. As he approaches obstacles, he always finds a solution. As he approaches the Sirens, he orders his men to put beeswax in their ears to prevent them from crashing their ships due to their beautiful and enchanting songs, “Steer wide; keep well to seaward; plug your oarsmen’s ear with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song” (929). Without Odysseus’s cautiousness, his crew...
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