Odysseus Great Adventure

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Katy Lockwood
Odysseus great Adventure

Odysseus is important because this poem is about his adventure. In this poem Odysseus has many complications that set him back, this gives the poem intrigue and makes it more enjoyable to read. Throughout the story Odysseus teaches you many things, he has many set backs but he tries to make the best out of it, without Odysseus in this story it would be missing his true wisdom and enjoyment.

In this poem you hear about the journey from Odysseus himself. This is Odysseus adventure, and you learn from him in many ways. Odysseus teaches you many life lessons like to never give up, go after you dreams, and goals. Also to make the best out of every situation. He has been trying to get home for twenty years and he never gives up. He keeps on going when Polyphemus the one eyed giant traps him in a cave, or when he becomes the lover of Circe who turned his crew into swine. He finds a way around every situation because he always has his mind set, that he wants to get home to Ithaca to see his wife Penelope.

Odysseus is receiving a lot of help from the gods especially Athena. In this poem Athena is helping Odysseus through out his journey home. She is protecting and helping him, in disguise as other people. Without Odysseus in this poem as the main character Athena would not of had such a big role in the epic poem. If it weren’t for Athena Odysseus would be lost, having no one to keep him on track and guide him safely home. Odysseus also received help from numerous people like King and Queen of the Phaecians who fed and clothed him, and also gave him a ship so he could sail home. Eumaeus who helped Odysseus take back his thrown and also fed and clothed him.

After Odysseus long Journey home, he finds that there are suitors trying to take over his house. He soon learns that there are many suitors plotting to kill him and his son. The worst suitor of them all is Antonius who is their leader. Also Amphinomus who is trying to...
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