Odysseus Fate

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Odysseus Fate
If life, ones actions can determine the depths of their fate. In Homer book of the Odyssey this fate appeared throughout the entire book towards Odysseus and his men. Odysseus and his men couldn’t get back home because of the enigmatic gods. Therefore, fate does control Odysseus life; in particular his journey back to Ithaca.

In book nine: the Cyclops fate is demonstrated; these are the times you see that the gods take action in Odysseus life. Odysseus is talking to the terrifying Cyclops; Odysseus is explaining to the Cyclops how fate has brought them to his island. Odysseus says on page 116 lines 159 thru 163. “We are Achemans…took the wrong route as Zeus I suppose instead that we should.” Odysseus says that he suppose that Zeus made them take that route, so it was Zeus one of the gods who foretell this destiny for Odysseus and his men to take this route to Cyclops. The Cyclops is asking his father to keep Odysseus away from home and in the waters as long as he can. The Cyclops says on pages 123 to 124, lines 527 thru 534. “Hear me, Poseidon…grant that Odysseus…may never reach home….” Poseidon is the god of the sea, and he can keep Odysseus and his men out there forever if he wanted to, because they hurt his son is the reason why he is going to.

Fate is demonstrated in book ten: Circe and book eleven: The book of the dead. Second in the text, Odysseus went back to Aeolus house to see if he can have some more wind so that he could get home but Aeolus father said no and told Odysseus to get of their island the gods forbid him. Aeolus father says on page 127, lines 71 thru 75. “Get off this island instantly! The world…detested by the blessed gods and your returning shows they detested you.” This shows that Odysseus and his men are in trouble with the gods, because of their own self fault of being so greedy. Likewise in book eleven, Odysseus is talking to Tiresias about how Odysseus will die, and Odysseus knows that the gods have...
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