Odysseus Discussion Questions

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: July 23, 2012
1. How does Odysseus escape from the Cyclops’ cave?
While in the Cyclops cave Odysseus carves out a sharp point on a piece of olive wood. He then gave the Cyclops some wine so he would fall asleep. While the Cyclops was sleeping Odysseus took the sharpened piece of wood and drove it into the eye of the Cyclops and blinded it. They then escaped the cave by going out with the sheep. They snuggled under the wool of the belly of the sheep and rams. He blinds him and doesn’t kill him because only the Cyclops can move the rock blocking the cave. 2. When does Odysseus lose his fleet and remain with only one ship? Odysseus loses his fleet when they sailed to the land of the Laestrygonians in the city of Telepylus, The Laestrygonians were giants and they attacked all the ships by throwing boulders at them. Only one ship survived.

3. Why can Odysseus not reach Ithaca after he leaves from Aiolos, the gods of the winds? Aiolos the god of the winds gave Odysseus a bag which was a gift. They were almost to the island of Ithaca after 9 days of sailing, when the men opened the bag while Odysseus was asleep. This sent strong winds out everywhere and it blew the ship back to the island of Aiolos 4. Who are the Sirens?

The sirens are females who sing songs to lure men to their death. When Odysseus and his crew heard them they covered their ears to block them out.

5. What happens on the island of Helios? Why does Helios punish Odysseus? After being told not to, they kill the cattle belonging to Helios. Helios then consulted Zeus to punish them for what they did. A storm came and it killed off everyone except Odysseus.

6. From whom does Odysseus find about his future in the Underworld (Book 11)? Teiresias

7. What happens when Odysseus meets his mother in the Underworld? He weeps when he sees his mother and she tells him about his father. That he is still at the estate awaiting Odysseus homecoming. Every time he went to embrace her she just...
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