Odysseus and Great Impact

Topics: Odysseus, Odyssey, Penelope Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Ciara Karin Carvajal
Ms. Greene
English 9/Period 5
25 October 2010
Odyssey Essay
In my ninth grade English class, we had to complete a very stressful and difficult project on the Odyssey. Our project was broken up into two parts. Part A was to complete a poster on the main aspects of the Odyssey. Part B was to create an entertaining way to explain what happened in the book we got assigned. In my opinion, I believe that my role in my group and my group’s cooperation was quite a success.

I contributed a big part in my group project and had many responsibilities. One thing I did for my group was played the role of Penelope, Odysseus’s wife. Penelope is a big role in the Odyssey and Book 23 is named after the role of Odysseus and Penelope. The role Penelope that I played makes a great impact in the story as well. I also helped putting the poster together. I created the border for the poster, which was a requirement. I also completed the setting, major characters, and major conflict section of the poster. Another contribution I made was editing the entire video for Part B. Filming makes a great impact on our performance, but editing is the greater part of filming. The editing portion took a lot of time and dedication to the project. I think that my overall performance and role in the group was well contributed and made a great impact on the presentation.

My group’s overall cooperation was really well but had minor arguments here and there. A minor argument my group had was discussing what we should do for our performance. My group couldn’t decide whether we wanted to perform it in class or in a video. It was a slight dispute but we finally agreed to make a video. What made us work well is that we all get along with each other. As people in general we are all friends but specifically in class that sometimes makes it difficult to overcome the distractions. The fact that we get along made us more open to each other’s ideas and cooperation. In making of our...
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