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Period 8
Theme of The Call of the Wild

In The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Buck, the main character, transformed from a domesticated, pampered pet into a dominant primordial beast. Buck goes throroundings, and finally when he answers the call. London also shows that when Buck becomes more primitive he’s inner wildness comes out.

In the beginning, when Buck was thrown into the harsh hostile Yukon Buck needed to learn to survive in a more primitive environment. He needed to learn that he needed to become less civilized to survive, so he was forced to become more primitive. Buck's first day was like a nightmare. Every hour was fipeace, rest, or even a moment of safety. All was confusion and action, and every moment life and limb were in serious danger. Buck was treated like a king at a big house in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley, and wasn’t used to the conditions in the Yukon. He never was beaten in his civilized life but once he arrived to the Yukon he experienced getting hit with a club. The law of club, you get hit from not obeying what someone tells you and Buck needed to change his ways and follow the rule if he was going to become more primitive. Arriving to the Yukon Buck had learned an important rule; the law of club, Buck had to obey everyone with a club. The law of fang was also a very important lesson Buck needed to know, it was one of the biggest rules that could cost your death. It was once your down your dead “fair game” Buck then knew he’d have to become more primitive by fighting back or he won’t ever get back up. His instinct began to come out so he can master the things he needed to know and eating was a huge part of that too. “When he {Buck} saw Pike, one of the new dogs, a clever malingerer and thief, slyly steal a slice of bacon when Perrault’s back was turned, he duplicated the performance the following day, getting away with the whole chunk” (London 37). This quote shows that by Buck stealing the food he becomes...
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