Odysseus’ Degree of Heroism

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Odysseus’ degree of heroism or godlike qualities
Odysseus becomes a hero because he slays the gruesome Cyclops. He blinded and stabbed the one eye beast, when everyone else with in his ship were getting eaten. Odysseus crew had the Cyclops, by the skin of their teeth, but then the Odysseus showed heroism by standing up and talking to the Cyclops,” So, Cyclops, it turns out that it wasn’t a coward whose men you murdered and ate in your cave, you savage! But you got yours in the end, didn’t you? You had the gall to eat the guests in your own house, and Zeus made you pay for it.” (9. 475-479) Odysseus becomes known as one of the most gruesome warriors and leaders of Ithaca for slaying the beast. Odysseus slays the Cyclops and his men begin to look up to him. He showed heroism by standing up the gruesome beast and slaying the Cyclops, “My men lifted up the olivewood stake/ And drove the sharp point right into his eye, / While I, putting my weight behind it, spun it around/ The way a man bores a ship’s beam with a drill, / Leaning down on it while the other men beneath him/ Keep it spinning and spinning with a leather strap. / That’s how we twirled the fiery-pointed stake/ In the Cyclops’ eye. The blood formed a whirlpool/ Around its searing tip” (135. 380-387) Odysseus is a hero in the eyes of his men and in the eyes of his people for doing the deedless act that led the people to not be doubted that he was the leader for them. This quotation shows a form of imagery because it shows the battle as it is happening almost play by play. This quote shows that Odysseus is a gruesome warrior because the imagery that Homer gives the readers with in the novel is gruesome. Odysseus then on is respected by merely all because he bravely blinds the Cyclops and is heavily respected by the Gods.

Odysseus comes back to Ithaca and reclaims his throne from his son Telemachus. Odysseus had to fight off the suitors from his wife Penelope, and reclaim the throne. Odysseus being...
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