Ode to Wrestling Anaysis

Topics: Wrestling, The Weakest Link, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Wrestling; when most people hear the word, they imagine a hefty man with bulging muscles in a skimpy singlet, throwing other men across the mat. In reality, this is not the case for all wrestlers. They don’t all have hulk like physiques. No one could have imagined a small, lean 5’3 girl like myself be a wrestler. Barely weighing over 100 pounds, I struggle with the dirty looks and glares I get. The news spread like wildfire around my gossip-loving-school that there was a girl on the wrestling team. My peers questioned me with disbelief. They inquired with bulging eyes ,”you’re the girl on the wrestling team?” I picked this poem because It doesn’t say you have to be a tough male with bulging muscles to be a champion. You just have to be devoted to the sport. More enduring then any other sport. Wresting teaches self control and pride. You need to hold your head up high no matter what happens on the mat. You need to remember that you deserve to be where tou are because of the countless hours of practice, the beads of tears and sweat you have shed. Pushing yourself to run that extra drill even though you can hardly feel your legs. Especially being a girl, during practices, I was up against all odds. I wrestled with boys with arm muscles the size of my calves. At the gum , the boys were benching double my weight whole my scrawny arms barely lifted the 70 pound bar. I was by far the weakest link , yet I was able to push aside those set backs and focused on improving my skills. All though I didn’t win every match and doge all the impressive moves the wresters trued on me. I was able to fence off my feelings of doubt that attempted to cross my path. Joining wrestling was the most rewarding experience of my life. I learned the meaning of hard work, determination, focus and pride
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