Ode to the No Smoking Campaign

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: January 21, 2011
Smoking, it seems has become an integral part of society. Since the 1500s or earlier, puffing on pipes and rolled fragrant dried leaves has bee a customary part of history which was either reserved for the royalties, dignitaries or for traditional rites.

As dynamicity tends to manifest itself through time, even the mentality of smoking done as part of a rite or for social functions only, has progressed into smoking as a daily habit, a need, an addiction.

Thus, terms as menthol and lights, second hand smoke, nicotine and diseases like lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) have become somewhat like household terms.

No matter how light-heartedly the phrase above mentioned may be taken, what they connote in terms of effects is far more surreally dangerous than to be taken for granted.

Thus, anti-smoking campaigns were born.

Why condemn smoking? (The pros outweighed by the cons)

Ask chain smokers, or even irregular smokers, why they smoke and what and how it feels and you might actually get tempted into trying it, too. And why not? They say that smoking dispels anxiety, it stimulates your nerves so that you can think well, it relaxes you when you feel like you’re up to your neck with the problems that life can hurl at you.

Yep, it sounds good and alluring, right? But think twice.

Smoking is one thing you really shouldn’t try. It would be like trying narcotics just for the heck of satisfying curiosity, and the next thing you know is that you’re already hooked – you wouldn’t be able to live without it for long…then you’ll notice changes on and within yourself. You notice that your lips start to darken, your once pearly white teeth turned off-white then advance to yellow, you become more irritable when forfeited the chance to puff. Next thing you know is you find it harder to breathe, your heart pumps erratically and you get sweaty. All you have to find out next are the diagnoses that you’re more prone to cancer of the...
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