Ode to His Mistress

Topics: Emotion, To His Coy Mistress, Time Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The seventeenth century poetry that Marvell created in “To His Coy Mistress is rich in imagery, symbolism, and metaphors. However, the theme of the poem is time and the urgency of it. Since time is fleeting, people need to make the most of it .Time is shown in three different ways: ideal, real, and optimum. First, the poem deals in ideal time as it deals in an effort to cheat death for a little while. Filled with time accented symbolism, this poem displays the seize the day style. Marvell uses time in an attempt to manipulate the coy mistress. The ideal time is when he has a chance to spend years loving her if he had the chance. If time would allow , he would spend hundreds of years gazing at her physical self. Secondly, Marvell uses real time or present time to convince her to physically love him. He says how he can go on forever courting her. In real time, there are examples of her getting old and that she will go to her grave with her pride, without experiencing physical love that he lusts for. He further is concerned that he won’t have enough time to love her emotionally or physically. This is when he decides to seize the day, as he puts pressure on her. Finally, the use of optimum time is exhibited by the mistress realizing how wonderful it could be to be loved by him. He plays on her emotions. He tells her the union of their love would be intense. Throughout the poem, he uses time to scare her into having relations. He warns her that she can’t be pretty forever and that she will be unhappy and alone if she doesn’t give in to him. He grows impatient with her, as time flees. In conclusion, he divides his pursuit of the mistress into three specific time frames, showing his emotions and frustrations along the way throughout the poem. His central focus was his sexual passion, mostly preoccupied with time and what little he had left.
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