Odd Angry Shot and Weapons Training

Topics: Comedy, Humor, Humour Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In both the film ‘The Odd Angry Shot’ and the poem ‘weapons training’ there are a number of techniques, that the composers use that help bring the story to life and link with the theme of ‘Australiana’. Both Australian texts tell the story through many techniques, audio and visual, to assist the audience to understand the film; the idea of mate ship through the Australian iconic humor, the laid-back attitudes and the humor the characters use. It is evident that the film has a central theme of mate ship, which is seen through the actions of the soldiers and explored through an array of characters and techniques. The idea of mate ship can be seen in the hospital visitation. The use of the medium shot in this scene shows a very inclusive mate ship, in relation to the hardships they face, and shows Australiana through the strong sense of mate ship between the characters; they are very comfortable with each other and respect each other. This theme of mate ship is used by the composer Tom Jeffery to show the audience the relationships between the men; they have a sense of shared experience, mutual respect and unconditional assistance. The film also contains various examples of iconic Australian humour and Australian colloquialism. In the film the soldiers speak in a very colloquial and “Australian” way and frequently use Australian humor such as sarcasm to show Australia’s black sense of humor, where we try to see the lighter side of a serious situation. This black humour is seen in the hospital visitation scene; “you won’t need these he’s being fed vodka through the nose.” The characters in the film use a lot of contractions and slang words that are unique to the Australian language such as “two bob” and “blokes” which is evident in the “You reckon we’re doing any good by being here?” scene. This shows that the men are of a lower social status. Close-ups used in this scene show the facial expressions and emotions of the characters which reinforce the juxtaposition of...
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