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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Diagnosis, Organization Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: March 13, 2012
least three diagnostic models that might be used. Give an example of a situation in which the model would be useful in diagnosing problems within an organization. What type of data would need to be collected in order to use the model? Diagnostic models play a critical role in an organization development program it provides a conceptual framework to understand better the organization, its many components and how well they function as a system. The differentiation-and-integration model (analytical model), stresses the importance of a sound analytical diagnosis as the basis for planned change in organizations (Brown 2011 p.147). This model can be useful in diagnosing problems of differentiation between the work units in the hospital. Doctors and nurses work closely together they depend on each other to make sure the patients are taken care of and safe from harm. Patient’s lives depend on a good working relationship among both. Varies degrees of corporation and collaboration are required between doctors and nurses (Brown 2011 p. 148). Sociotechnical-system model analyzes the organization as a sociotechnical system interacting with its external environment. Doctors and nurses having an interpersonal relationship and a technological system consisting of their task, activities, tools (knowledge) used to accomplish their purpose of serving their patients. Example will be this model describes new technology but also describes how doctors and nurses use the technology so both units can work together successfully (Brown 2011 p.149). Force-field analysis model views organizational behavior not as static pattern but as a dynamic balance of forces working in opposite direction. Change takes place when there is an imbalance between the two types of forces and continues until opposing forces are brought back into equilibrium (Brown 2011 p. 149). A hospital can identify the problems and solve them by not letting the forces put pressure on employees (such as...
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