OD Interventions: Organizational Improvement and Individual Development

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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OD interventions are sets of structured activities in which selected organisational units target groups or individuals) engage in a task or sequence of tasks with the goals of organisational improvement and individual development. Interventions are principal learning processes in the action stage of organization development. Structured activities mean such diverse procedures as experiential exercises, questionnaires, attitude surveys, interviews, relevant group discussions, and even lunchtime meetings . Every action that influences an organization's improvement program in a change agent-client system relationship can be said to be an intervention.

The Various types Of O.D interventions are:-
Diagnostic activities Team Building activities Inter Group Activities Survey feedback activities Education and training Techno structural or structural Process consultation Grid organization development Third –Party peace making activity Coaching and counseling activity Life and career planning Planning and goal setting Coaching & Mentoring

According to the structure and size of organization and management strategy any one the above mentioned is identified Particular Intervention is identified through various ways –

1. Training Need Identification
2. Attrition Analysis
3. Organisational Strategy and need
4. Competency Mapping
To Implement it needs structured approach from top to lower management where in everybody is involved . For Example...
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