Od Interventions

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Definition of od interventions:
An OD intervention can be defined as “the set of structured activities in which selected organization units engage with a task or a sequence of tasks where the task goals are related directly or indirectly to organizational improvement ” “A set of sequenced and planned actions or events intended to help the organisation increase its effectiveness”.

In an od intervention the entire process of diagnosis, alternative generation and making action choices are jointly conducted and od will also examine the process of such diagnosis, action planning and implementation. Criteria for Effective Interventions:

In OD three major criteria define the effectiveness of an intervention:

1. The Extent to Which it (the Intervention) fits the needs of the organization. 2. The degree to which it is based on causal knowledge of intended outcomes 3. The extent to which the OD intervention transfers change-management competence to organization members.

Characteristics of od intervention:

First An od intervention will focus on the organizational processes apart from the substantive content of an activity. Secondly an od intervention would generally focus on a work team as the unit of analysis and change towards effective behaviour Thirdly od would normally view change as an on-going process and would rely on a collaborative management of work culture Types of od interventions :

These interventions can be clubbed into twelve groups and they are diagnostic, team-building, inter-group activities, survey feedback methods, education and training programmes, techno-structural activities, process consultation, the management grid, meditation and negotiation activities, coaching and counseling and planning and goal setting activities.

1) Survey Feedback: It recounts to an approach survey through well planned assessment or Interviews. It covers the feedback to the customer organisation. It has a demand and significance in a genuine situation. The attitude survey can have a purpose to measure the process; for instance, communication, decision making and leadership at different levels. The data produced under this system is perceptual and attitudinal.. A review of the product is prepared in a group discussion. Generally feedback of results is specific to the group which prepares the data. As a result strategies are planned to resolve the organisational problems. Consequently, the process of survey feed back includes: collection of data, feedback, development of action plan and follow-up. Therefore, to ensure authentic results, the survey should be applicable and dependable.

2) Management Grid : The method urbanized by Robert Blake and Jane S. Mouton is a step to move toward. This Grid represents a rational support of managing people. Growth of management skills from beginning to end grid program involves wide range of included and instrumented activities are the ways having investigational and planned conditions. The members are secondary to be pleased about the advances to integrate people and their invention.

3) Team Building: Team building is an attempt to assist the work group to identify, diagnose and solve its own problems. Actually groups develop their own norms of behaviour which pressurize the persons and group behaviour. Organisation is a system to interconnect with groups. OD considers that work groups are the teams which are spinning around to introduce changes in the organization. Team building actions are taken to develop a range of groups in an organization like permanent work teams, task forces, committees etc. Team building actions focus on finding, task achievement, team relationships and organisational process. The component groups in team building activity are: the external advisors, the group leader and the members of the group. In team building movement, associates meet and talk about troubles connecting to their coursework It obtain sincere and courageous argument. In the team...
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