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Topics: October Sky, Homer Hickam, Coalwood, West Virginia Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Reflection- “October Sky”
Since Joe Johnston’s movie “October Sky” was released in 1999, many people have been inspired, and also emotionally affected by this movie. Many people can relate to the protagonists (Homer Hickam) situation and may have been helped by this movie. “October Sky” is biography, drama type of movie and which is based on a real life story. Long story short, “October Sky” is a movie about a boy which lives in a town called Coalwood which is in West Virginia. The future of people living there is to become a coal miner, or if lucky you receive a football scholarship. Homer is inspired by the Soviet Satellite “Sputnik” and wants to build professional rockets and enter the science fair. His final goal is to receive a scholarship and leave Coalwood and enter a college where he can study and become a scientist. Out of the many who don’t believe in him, his mother Elise Hickam, and Miss Riley are the only two which are supportive and help him reach his goal. His friends also support him and help him into entering the science fair, and winning first place prize with scholarships to multiple colleges, and universities.

Homer Hickam shows courage in numerous events. One which really stood out to me was where Homer Hickam puts away his ambition and also his dreams for his future to contribute to his family income. Homer Hickam decides to stop going to school, and to become a coal miner to earn some money for his family due to the injury that his father is having. His father John Hickam got a severe injury to his eye which could lead into him becoming blind. For his treatment the family doesn’t have enough money to give, therefore Homer Hickam becomes a coal miner to earn some money. Homer Hickam’s older brother Jim Hickam had received a football scholarship a few weeks ago, even though he is the older brother, Homer Hickam’s takes in charge of the responsibility to allow his brother to pursue a career into becoming a football player. This shows the...
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