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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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English SAC
Dear Homer Hickham Junior,
My name is Sonny and I am 18 years old, I am from Coalwood as well so we have something in common, you see now in which I am very proud of. Because of the event that happened some of the younger generation such as me and my friends’ think of you as our role models and have decided to follow in your footsteps except each of us want to pursue different careers. I want to become a Radiographist and specialize in Gamma rays, my friend Chris wants to become a mechanical engineer, my other friend Louis wants to become a marine officer and my other friend Tim wants to become an architect. I know that if we told everyone else in Coalwood they would think we’re absurd and are just being childish and that we should just quit but I now know that you are different and that you wouldn’t judge me. So I thank you in believing in yourself and your friends as they have set good examples for our generation and the outside world might not think of us becoming miners but as different individuals and us as successful people and even if we do become miners they should know that we are the building blocks of America’s society as a whole.
Any way the whole point of this letter is to tell you that we as the Coalwood younger generation would like to no not even like but love to thank you as a whole in the accomplishment you have achieved in getting out of Coalwood and following your dream as you and your friends were the first steps for us to succeed and believe in making our dreams become true. Even though you have probably received loads of letters and mine might not be different in any way I hope you have at least had the time to reflect upon your years when you were a member of the Coalwood community and reflect on what you have achieved as it has not only changed yourself but it has also changed our perspective of looking at our dreams and realizing that they may become true one day but not only our perspective of looking at our dreams...
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