October Sky Hero

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Lauren poiley
October Sky hero Paper
Some people say you have to do something special to be called a hero, but Miss Riley just has to be herself. She was Homer’s teacher and was very encouraging. Miss Riley believed in Homer before he thought he could build the rocket. I think she acted as an inspiration to Homer and the Rocket Boys.

To begin with, Miss Riley is heroic because she was an encouraging teacher. When she taught Homer, she seemed to support him very much. As a teacher, that meant she was helpful to her students including Homer. I believed she was lionhearted- meaning when she taught and also when she wasn’t Miss Riley always cared for others. For example, I knew someone who always cared for other people. She always remembered other people’s birthday’s, sent cards for all occasions, and put other people first. This person is my great- grandma, she acted as if I had a Miss Riley in my life only we were related and I was lucky for that.

Furthermore, Miss Riley is heroic because she believed in Homer before he did in himself. Homer’s father- Jon put him down and showed no support towards what he wanted to do. His father wanted Homer to become a coalminer like everyone else in the town. But Miss Riley knew that is not what Homer should do, and he had a special potential to succeed by making the rocket ship. Although Miss Riley was sick when Homer was awarded 1st place- she was still very optimistic. Miss Riley had a disease called Hodgkin’s disease. This deathly disease would not allow her to live much longer. With that said Miss Riley always looked in the future, even though she was vastly ill.

To continue, I feel Miss Riley acted as an inspiration. But not only for Homer, but many other people in the town. Like I said before she was a positive person and looked into in the future. Other people could take that as a lesson. I think Homer looked up to Miss Riley. I also look up to my great grandma. They both share similar traits that people don’t...
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