October Sky Essay

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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October Sky Essay

The story in the movie October Sky has many similarities to the situation of starting a company as an entrepreneur. The trial and error process is a main theme as Homer, the founder of the Big Creek Missile Agency, begins to launch rockets into the sky. This is the main correlation between October Sky and the process of becoming an entrepreneur. The Big Creek Missile Agency's first rocket could be considered a success or failure depending on how you view their accomplishment. The rocket was constructed of an empty tube of a flashlight with a hole in one side filled with cherry bomb powder. After seeing the Sputnik satellite in the sky, Homer found a passion for learning about and involving himself with rockets. A similar passion is needed to pursue a business as an entrepreneur. Having this passion let’s you put in the necessary amount of effort and determination that is needed to successfully run the business. Once this passion was realized, Homer decided to speak with Quentin. Despite the ridicule he would receive, he knew Quentin was a rare resource with industry specific knowledge. Adding this to his mission of learning to fly rockets was imperative to him having success. The next time the boys launched a rocket it was made professionally with aluminum and wood. The boys lit it off and it launched about six feet off the ground, let out a poof, and fell back on the ground. The changes made from the original model were part of an incremental strategy that the boys used during the trial and error process. They made improvements after each launch. They showed characteristics of entrepreneurial alertness in their analysis of the problems in their rockets. They used primary data to think of ways to improve their rocket. This is essential in business as well. Analyzing your business to find out the necessary improvements is required to make your business the best possible. This with the use of creativity can allow your business to be a...
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