October Sky

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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October Sky is a movie which states a true story happened to a boy. The high five principles are seen in the movie as the boy makes his journey to make is dream a reality. The high five principles are change is constant, learning is ongoing, focus on the journey, follow your heart and access your allies. These principles are important not just to the character in the movie but for every one on earth who make their journey into the depths of careers and jobs. Change is constant because today will not be the same as tomorrow and yesterday was not the same as today. Change can be categorized into long term or short term depending on the kind of change you look at. In the movie the boy dropped out of the football team and when he saw a satellite, he decided to be an engineer on making rockets. Another change was when the boy gave up on is dream and went to coal mining instead for a short amount of time then went back to his dream. A long term change in the movie would be when the coal mine got sold then shut down and it had been running for several years. Change is good because it lets you see where you would have ended up if you did this instead of that then what would have happened. After you get a job in your career then is learning ongoing. Well yes, since you learn something new everyday even if your days are all the same, you still learn to do something. Some of things the boy did were building rockets while learning from his mistakes. He learned after working in the coal mine that this was not going to be his future so he went back to rockets. He learned to disagree about his parents decisions even if it meant having a fight with them. The boy learned things everyday even when what he learned was not so valuable in his life. Another principle is focus on the journey. The boy in the movie did this well and it brought him happiness. His father disagreed with him on building rockets and tried to make him go into mining but the boy focused on the journey so he...
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