Topics: Augustus, Julius Caesar, Roman Republic Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Augustus’ Building Programme – An Overview
Augustus’ Aims
1. Providing for the needs of the people
2. Promoting the prestige of the empire
3. Glorifying his own and his family’s name
4. Making a statement about his leadership
Augustus spent a huge part of his personal wealth on building and his key lieutenant, Agrippa, until his death in 12 BC, supervised much of the building programme. The Fora
There were three fora in Rome during the Augustan period.
1. The Roman Forum below the Palatine Hill: the political, commercial, religious and social centre of the Roman republic since earliest times, and later of the empire. Augustus: * repaved it in travertine

* completed the basilica Iulia and the Curia Iulia
* added a courtyard to the Senate House
* restored the basilica Aemilia
* built a temple to Julius Caesar on the spot where he’d been cremated * erected a statue to the deified Julius
* built a temple to Juturna
2. The Forum of Julius Caesar begun in 48 BC but completed by Augustus 3. The Forum of Augustus inaugurated in AD 2 – the year Augstus was awarded the title of pater patriae. It was larger than that of his “father” and was a wonderful piece of propaganda, depicting Augustus as victorious general, bringer of peace and the new Golden Age and reviver of the traditional way of life. Features included: * The temple of Mars Ultor (the Avenger) built as vengeance against Julius Caesar’s assassins. Beside the statue of Mars in the temple were two of Venus and the Divine Julius * Niches surrounding the main square with statues of Augustus and his family, illustrious Romans of the past, and the legendary founders of the city. The inscriptions below the heroes of the past were meant to teach a lesson. * In the centre of the forum was a statue of Augustus riding in a chariot bearing the title of pater patriae Buildings on or around the Campus Martius (Field of Mars)

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