Ocr Ict National- Unit 4- Initial Product Ideas (Example)

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OCR ICT National- Unit 4- Initial Product Ideas
Topic/ Specific Subject Area2
The purpose of the product2
Intended Audience2
Possible Sections2
Multimedia elements3
Photos/ Images3
Main Topic and Key Features3
How cameras have changed3
Data storage3
Editing pictures4
Different types of cameras4
Techniques on how to take a picture4
The quiz4
Conditions/ scenarios in which the product will be used and usage constraints that need to be taken into account4
How the audience affected my content4
How the purpose affected my content5
Success criteria5

Topic/ Specific Subject Area
The topic I am going to create a multimedia product about is Photography The purpose of the product
My interactive multimedia project I am creating is to inform and aid within the education of photography. When A-Level students are learning about photography, this flash product will aid with their learning. Intended Audience

The intended uses for the multimedia project I am creating is, for students that are studying A-Level at school or colleges and want to learn about photography. My project is suitable for both male and female students because the photography techniques and information that is used has no gender specific elements. This flash product will also suit people who are interested in photography at an amateur level as well as students that have little knowledge of photography. Also anyone that is interested in photography will benefit from the product in some way. I have aimed my multimedia project towards A-Level students and this could be anyone over the age of 17 years. Time should no effect on this product or the use of the product as the basic principles of photography have not changed; the technology behind photograph has changed and will continue to change. My product is not intended for any specific religion so will suit any religion as photography is used worldwide by all races and religions. This flash product is an educational project, the main drawback being the cost of the software to play this project on. Another drawback is the cost of the equipment need in photography. With cameras and the editing software costing several hundreds of pounds this limits access to the less wealthy. Possible Sections

In my multimedia product I will aim to create 8 sections. The sections I want to include are; * Home page- will inform the audience what the product is about. * Data storage –will inform the user what type of devices will work in different cameras, different storage sizes you can buy, and will tell the audience what they can save to the storage. * Changes- will inform the audience how cameras have changed over the years. * Editing of a picture- this is where I will put my video on how to edit a picture in Photoshop * Lenses- different lenses that can be used in photography. * Different types of cameras- this page will have different cameras on it and will say what lenses will be good in different situations. * Techniques on how to take a picture- will inform the reader of some of the different ways in which to take a picture * Quiz- this page will test the view on what they have learnt on the previous pages Multimedia elements

Photos/ Images
There will be many different images in my product; images are a good way of showing examples. I will include images of; * Different cameras
* Storage devices
* Cameras years ago, cameras now
* Different types of lenses
* Pictures taken with different techniques
I will use copyright free images as well as my own images I have crated myself, for example photos. Sound
On my splash screen there will be sound. The sound will be of a camera taking a picture. The sound will be repeated as the photos appear on the screen so it sounds like the pictures have just been taken by the camera. Video

The video I will put in my...
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