Ocelots Notes/ Facts

Topics: Ocelot, Felidae, Leopardus Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: May 18, 2013
OCELOT} Leopardus pardalis
FAMILY: Felidae
DESCRIPTION: One of the smaller wild cats, but one of the fiercest. The ocelot is a medium-sized, spotted cat. It grows to about three feet long, not including its tail, and weighs around 30 pounds. It is described as crepuscular and nocturnal, spending the day resting under heavy brush. WHAT IMPORTANTACE DOES AN OCELOT HAS TO AND ECONOMY

People pay money to see animals in a zoo and if an Ocelot is in the zoo it brings in revenue. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF OCELOTS DID NOT EXSIST
In an extreme case (which could happen) Because the Ocelot eats smaller animals without them the smaller animals would over run because there would be so many of them and less of their predators, then you would also loose species because there are so many of the smaller animals which eat even smaller animals, there would be so many that the smaller animals prey would soon die out Because there being over hunted then the small animals would die so not only would you be losing the ocelot species you would be losing the smaller species and the even smaller species making the contents of the rainforest extinct. Another would be in the song WILD in the Disney movie Jungle Book what would come after “The old Mongoose gets good and loose”, because “The Ocelot gives it all he’s got” comes after it. What would take the Ocelot’s place? REPRODUCTION BREEDING: The ocelot’s mating season varies across regions, in Texas occurring in October and in the Yucatan in the spring. The gestation period is 70 days and litters usually consist of one or two kittens (but up to four is possible). Ocelots are born is during the months of September, October, and November. Their gestation period is about 70-90 days and the average kittens that an Ocelot has is about 1 or 2. The kittens are born once every two years and their growth rate is very slow compared to other animals. The Ocelot kittens remain with the mother for a few weeks, and once it becomes a few months older,...
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