Ocean: Salt Water

Topics: Water, Ocean, Marine biology Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: December 19, 2012
What is an ocean? The Ocean is a body of salt water; this ecosystem covers up to seventy percent of the world’s surface. The ocean is much more than a body of salt water but a home to two-million or more marine life animals. Even though the ocean takes up more than half of the world’s surface it is an extremely fragile ecosystem and it is being destroyed by none other than humans. Millions of marine plants and animals depend on the ocean for survival but it is rapidly being destroyed by human carless behaviour and activities such as pollution, over fishing, drilling for oil and the destruction of the coral reefs. Pollution:

One of the biggest factors that is destroying the oceans and millions of marine life’s habitat is pollution. There is more than one way that the ocean is being polluted. Oil pollution is one of those ways. Oil pollution is not just bad for the environment but the ocean too. “Thirty seven gallons of oil are accidently spilled into the ocean every year by tankers. Even more oil gets into the ocean from non-accidental sources. Sixty million gallons of oil end up in the ocean every year.” (library.thinkquest.org) Oil spills can kill hundreds of marine life and none-marine life animals. The oil acts like glue on birds feathers. Their feathers get stuck together and they will try to clean themselves with their peak which leads the birds to get poisoned and die. As for the marine life
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