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2009 – 2010 Annual Report 業績報告

1 2 4 12 30 42 50 60 70 Vision & Mission
理念及使命 公司資料

Corporate Information Chairman’s Message

Chief Executive’s Statement
行政總裁報告 持續發展報告

Sustainability Report Education

生態保育工作 年中事項

Calendar of Events Financial Statements


Our Vision 我們的理念
Ocean Park aspires to be a world leader in providing excellent guest experiences in a theme park environment connecting people with nature. 海洋公園力求成為一個世界級具領導地位的主題公園 為遊人帶來一個既開心又難忘的旅程 將遊人與大 , , 自然緊密連繫起來。

Our Mission 我們的使命
Ocean Park provides all guests with memorable experiences that combine entertainment and education, while inspiring life long learning and conservation advocacy. Our aim is to maintain a healthy financial status, while striving to deliver the highest standards of safety, animal care, products and guest service. The English and Chinese versions of the Corporation’s Code on Corporate Governance Practices are available online at the Ocean Park website, www.oceanpark.com.hk 公司企業管治常規守則之英文及中文版本可於海洋公園網頁www.oceanpark.com.hk瀏覽

海洋公園致力為遊人締造富娛樂性 具教育義意的難忘體驗, 、 同時啟發長期學習 、提倡生態保育意識。我們 的目的是維持財政穩健 同時致力提供高水平的安全和運作、動物護理 產品 和服務。 、 、 、

Corporate Information

Members of the Board of Ocean Park Corporation 2009-2010 2009-2010年度海洋公園董事局成員

Chairman 主席 Dr. Allan Zeman, GBS, JP 盛智文博士,GBS,JP

Deputy Chairman 副主席 Mr. Leo Kung Lin-cheng, JP 孔令成先生 ,JP

Ms. Shirley Chan Suk-ling 陳淑玲女士

Ms. Kelly Chan 陳遠秀女士

Commenced on 10 March 2010

Ms. Judy Chen Qing 陳晴女士

Retired on 30 June 2010

Mr. Ip Shing-hing, JP 葉成慶先生 ,JP

Prof. Jim Chi-yung, JP 詹志勇教授,JP

Mr. Lau Ming-wai, JP 劉鳴煒先生 ,JP


The Hon Patrick Lau Sau-shing, SBS, JP 劉秀成議員 ,SBS,JP

Mr. Lee Yuen-kwong 李元剛先生

Retired on 9 March 2010

Mr. Andrew Leung Chi-kwan, JP 梁志群先生 ,JP

Members of the Board act in an entirely honorary capacity and have received no emoluments in the year under review. No members have had, during or at the end of the year, any material interest from any contract of significance as a result of business at Ocean Park. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance is in place for its Board Members and management team. 各董事局成員均為義務性質 ,在年內並無領取酬金。各成員於年內或於年結時均沒有在 海洋公園業務之任何重要合約涉及任何實際利益。 海洋公園為董事局及管理階層成員提供責任保險。

Ms. Paddy Lui Wai-yu, BBS, JP 呂慧瑜女士,BBS,JP
Retired on 30 June 2010

Mr. Tom Mehrmann 苗樂文先生

Prof. Yvonne J. Sadovy 薜綺雯教授

Ir. Dr. Greg Wong Chak-yan, JP Ms. Margaret Fong, JP 黃澤恩博士,JP 方舜文女士,JP

Retired on 31 January 2010

Mr. Philip Yung, JP 容偉雄先生 ,JP

Commenced on 1 February 2010

Retired on 24 January 2010

Mrs. Carrie Yau, JP 尤曾家麗女士,JP

Mr. Raymond Young, JP 楊立門先生 ,JP

Commenced on 25 January 2010

Mr. Mak Chai-kwong, JP 麥齊光先生 ,JP
Retired on 15 June 2010

Mr. Wai Chi-Sing, JP 韋志成先生 ,JP

Commenced on 16 June 2010

Mr. Stanley Ying Yiu-hong, JP 應耀康先生 ,JP

Management Team

Chief Executive

Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Financial Officer

Executive Director, Operations

Executive Director, Design & Planning

Mr. Tom Mehrmann 苗樂文先生

Executive Director, Zoological Operations & Education

Executive Director, Project Development

Executive Director, Revenue

Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

Executive Director, Engineering

Human Resources Director

Mr. Matthias Li 李繩宗先生

Mr. Alan Chan 陳銘安先生

Mr. Alex Chu 朱渢先生

Mr. Walter Kerr

Ms. Suzanne Gendron 蔣素珊女士

Mr. Joseph Leung 梁啟誠先生

Mr. Paul Pei 貝寶華先生

Mr. George Tso 曹志強先生

Mr. Brian Ho 何勉義先生

Ocean Park Corporation 海 洋 公 園 2009 – 2010 Annual Report 業 績 報 告

Corporate Information 公 司 資 料 2

Ocean Park Corporation 海 洋 公 園 2009 – 2010 Annual Report 業 績 報 告

Corporate Information 公 司 資 料 3

Chairman’s Message...
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