Ocean Park Brand Equity

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  • Published : July 21, 2010
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To Evaluate the Brand Equity of Ocean Park

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction6
1.1Industry Background7
1.2Statement of issue8
1.3Purpose of the study9
Chapter 2 Literature Review10
2.1Loyalty Measures10
2.1.1Price Premium11
2.2Preceived Quality/Loyalty Measures11
2.3Association/Differentiation Measures12
2.4Awareness Measures12
2.5Market Behavior Measures13
2.5.1Market Share13
2.5.2Price and Distribution Indices13
Chapter 3 Methodology15
3.1 Sample Design15
3.2 Questionnaire Design15
3.3 Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS)16 3.3.1Reverse Scoring17
3.3.2Cronbach's Alpha Reliability Analysis17
3.3.3Mean and Standard Deviation18
3.3.4Crosstab Test19
3.4 Focus Group19
3.5 Data Analysis19
Chapter 4 Results21
4.1 Sample and Decriptive Statistics21
4.2 Cronbach's Alpha Reliability Analysis21
4.3 Mean and Standard Deviation22
4.4 Crosstab Test23
4.5 Loyalty24
4.5.1Price Premium24
4.5.2Cronbach's Alpha Reliability Analysis24
4.6 Preceived Quality/Leadership25
4.6.1Preceived Quality25
4.7 Association/Differentiation26
4.7.1Preceived Value26
4.8 Awareness28
4.8.1 Brand Awareness28
4.9 Focus Group29
4.10 Market Behavior33
4.10.1.Market Share33
4.10.2Price Distribution Indices34
Chapter 5 Analysis36
5.1 Mean Analysis36
5.2 Crosstab Test Analysis36
5.2.2Preceived Quality/Leadership38
5.2.5Market Behavior40
Chapter 6 Discussion42
6.1 Questionnaire Setting42
6.2 Information Collection42
6.3 SPSS – Data Entry and Output43
6.4 Result Analysis44
Chapter 7 Conclusions and Recommendations45
7.1 Conclusions45
7.2 Recommendations46
7.2.1Questionnaire Setting46
7.2.2Information Collection46
7.2.3SPSS – Data Entry and Output47
7.2.4Result analysis47

I am genuinely tank to Mr. Nicholas Tam for supporting me all the time and spending many hours on my final year project. This was totally appreciated that he provided many professional and useful advices and recommendations to me. Otherwise, I would also like to thanks Mr. C. N. Lo as my second marker and give me suggestion to improve my project.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a home-grown treasure. It is also one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, providing educational, conservation and entertainment. Ocean Park Hong Kong has brought joy to local and overseas visitors throughout her 30-year history. She lets everyone in Hong Kong has a special and memorable experiences.

In these 30 years, it experienced many impacts that are occurred by outside and inside of the organization. They also recorded a deficit for a certain years. But it was carried out the revolutions continually. Afterwards, the business is still running. Recently, some information indicated that the ranking of the most popular amusement park of the world, which is the Ocean Park Hong Kong higher than Hong Kong Disneyland.

Finally, through survey, focus group interview and brands performance measures, to conclude that the brand equity of Ocean Park was better. Better leadership, better quality, builds up customer loyalty.

Ocean Park is one of the theme parks in Hong Kong. “Marine” is the majority theme of the park. It is located at the Southern District of Hong Kong, and it...
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