Ocean Energy and How It Improves Our Lives

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  • Published : August 22, 2010
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The ocean produces ginormous masses of energy. Between the constant currents and the crashing tides energy is constantly flowing through the large body of waters. There are 5 ways that the oceans energy can be stored and converted into electricity. The electricity captured can produce up to 14,000 MWe (megawatts of electricity) for every 25-30 ft. tide. There are 5 ways that the ocean energy is stored; ocean thermal energy conversion, using wave’s energy, taking the tides energy, off shore wind energy and taking the current of the ocean. The solution I like the best out of these is ocean thermal energy conversion.

Ocean thermal energy conversion, also called OTEC, is the process by which a generator takes the water of two different temperatures and mixes them to produce steam. The water on the surface is warmer because the suns heat warms it. The water on the ocean floor however is much cooler because it doesn’t come in contact with the sun. When there’s a difference in temperature between the two levels of water it’s called thermocline. So this contraption takes the warm water and evaporates it and puts through the generator mixing it with the cold water that was condensed inside the machine. This then makes steam and triggers the turbine generating electricity. The best part about ocean thermal energy conversion is that unlike some renewable sources of energy that only work under certain conditions OTEC works under all conditions 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Another good thing about ocean thermal energy conversion is that the only cost would be getting the devices needed for OTEC. It has no fuel costs and can be used to make other products making 100% profit except for the start up costs to get a mechanism. However, at this point prices for OTEC are more expensive than methods that are currently being used. The goal is find ways to reduce the prices of the device so that they aren’t only cleaner but...
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