Ocean Eiler

Topics: Design, Website, Web design Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Ocean Eiler is a designer from PBS KIDS. Actually, he is far more than a designer because he is good at a lot of things. As a Senior Designer at PBS KIDS, he has molded his title to UX design, web design, frontend development, Flash development, video editing, audio FX creation, soundscape mixing, print design, game development, mobile development and a touch of management. Besides, he is also an artist, a DJ, a skateboarder, and a rock climber. He was graduated from Ohio University with double degrees. After graduation, Ocean got his first job in Switzerland. He then returned the United States and has worked for WOUB, Pixel & Ink, Matrix Group, and finally PBS KIDS. The lecture was mainly about the designing process of the PBS KIDS GO! Eiler introduced how did the idea come up and how was the website finally realized. Through the lecture, I learnt more about the process of designing a website on desktop, including sketches, wireframes, color choices, and user testing, which is a very important part of operating an effective and attractive website. Besides, I also learnt that websites could be built with both front and back end simultaneously under tight deadlines. The PBS KIDS GO! was accomplished and put up online only in 12 days, whereas Eiler told me that a huge website project usually take 6 months till a whole year. After the lecture, I am more aware of the significance of HTML and CSS. Since I am applying for summer interns recently, I found that most companies require coding skills. Proficiency of Photoshop and Illustrator nowadays is the lowest requirement, yet coding is dominating in the future. There are a large amount of coding opportunities online await. I really have to develop my coding skills as soon as possible. During the lecture, Eiler mentioned “Big paper, big ideas”, which was said by Chris Bishop, the boss of Eiler’s. Eiler also showed us his working process of the PBS KIDS GO! on paper from sketches to final version. However, I could...
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