Oce Case

Topics: Paper, Printing, Dots per inch Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Océ 950 VS Incumbent system
* Scanner
* 3 trays => 5 rolls make 6 for +/+ 10000, make 4 for -/- 10000 * Modified Windows NT controlling device
* Reduce operator and draftsmen time dramatically
* Accountant for repro tickets becomes obsolete
* Resolution 400 x200 DPI => possible upgrade to 400x400 * No extra driver space for software and no additional training for employee’s (Croon already has océ machines) * Océ 950 holds 100 folded sheets => upgrade up to 1000, € 30 per 100 sheet tray

Crucial elements for making the right choice:
We as Croon desire:
* Overnight printing capability
* Ease of use (OCE got Best Buy award)
* Lower ozone emissions (can be solved by replacing the location?) Do we take the risk of being blamed by senior management for installing Xerox or do we take Oce? * Service organization quality

* Lower heat production

Oce pretends to offer:
* Quality & representativeness
* Prints display the efforts of the work
* Prints is what the customer sees first
* Effectiveness, productivity and time saving
* Overnight printing
* Less role changing
* Easy Microsoft operation software
* Roll flexibility with three cutters: 95% with limited roll changing or 100% of all printing desire including the top 5% important customers * Double awarded for operating ease, functionality and user friendliness * Combined contract with other company printers

* Reliability
* Superior paper jam prevention
* Most reliable service in case of serious problems
* Double awarded for value and product quality
* Most secure partner, also in the future
* Cost control
* Purchase: Océ + 17.000,=
* Yearly costs savings on paper jams, roll changes and power alone more than 3000, in five years, this is more than 15.000,= virtually eliminating the 17.000 price difference.

Value proposition:

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