Topics: Egypt, Logic, Capitalism Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Comrades from Cairo Fallacy

“To the Occupy Movement- the Occupiers of Tahrir Square Are with You”, article published in a British national daily newspaper “The Guardian”. In the article comrades from Cairo address people in the Occupy Wall Street Movement from Egyptians who protested in 25th Jan Revolution. In the article occupiers of Tahrir Square comrades are advising occupiers of Wall Street on how to gain their rights, claiming that they both share same struggles; however, the main objective of the Egyptian revolution is to gain democracy and the OWS Movement’s aim is to abolish capitalism. In an attempt to advise them, the article lacks evidence which offers a solution, and full of logical fallacies. As a result, this article is a weak piece of rhetoric. First, the article’s main claim, that the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement share same causes, was not backed up by tangible support. First, their claim is not true for several reasons, the Arab Spring is very broad notion it occurred all over the Arab world. Although, some countries shared mutual causes, each country had its own situation. For instance, in Egypt, the president Mubarak resigned within couple of weeks. On the other hand, in Libya the president Ghadafi was killed by the hands of his rivals. Also the comrades do not show the true representation of other occupy movements across the globe. For example, the movement in St Paul's Cathedral in London was different from that of Zuccotti Park in New York. Another reason that the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement are not related, they both have different issues. According to Hamze Abbas Jamoul the Arab Spring began in as a respond to what the Arabs have been facing decades ago from “poverty, rising food prices, inflation, human rights violation, and high unemployment rates.” Specifically in Egypt, they suffered decades of oppression from the government and brutality of the police officers who violated human rights. According to the BBC “it had...
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