Occupational Therapy

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The career I have chosen is occupational therapy assistant. An Occupational therapy assistant provide rehabilitative services to people with mental, physical, emotional, or developmental impairments. Occupational therapy assistant work under the supervision of a occupational therapist. Many work in hospitals. You have to get along with people easily to get far in this career.

I chose occupational therapy assistant because I love working with people. I enjoy watching people progress after injuries. I’ve been around it all my life all the ladies in my life are some kind of nurse or therapist. . I would love to work with little kids who have brain injuries or were born with a physical or mental impairment. I’ve always loved watching people progress after car accidents. I’ve always loved watching Occupational therapy assistant’s when their working my aunt is a Occupational therapy assistant and I used to go to work with her all the time and watch her work.

The amount of education required to become an Occupational therapy assistant isn’t the much but It does take 4 to 6 years to complete the Occupational therapy assistant program. You must have an associate’s degree and a high school diploma. Courses in health science and craft science are helpful. You have to complete two years in a health science classes before you can be admitted into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program then you have to go two more years before you take the state board test the certifies you to work with kids.

The salary and pay scale for occupational therapy assistant is different throughout the years. In less than a year you can make up to $38,430 per year. You can make $18.38 an hour working as an Occupational therapy assistant It all depends on how long you work. It also depends on where you work and how much someone is willing to pay you.

Occupational therapy assistant offers a retirement plan. There are several different kinds of retirement plans you can get. You can...
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