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Safety Signs Personal Protective Equipment Manual Handling Mechanical Handling & Transport Safety Work Equipment Maintenance Electrical Safety Fire Chemical Hazards Occupational Ventilation Health Hazards Ergonomics Noise Radiation Construction, Demolition, & Excavation Working Above Ground Level Waste

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NEBOSH National General Certificate SAFETY SIGNS Exercise1 State the shape and colors of the following types of safety signs and give example of each: • • • • Prohibition Warning Mandatory Safe condition

Answer 1

The sign Prohibition WarninQ Mandatory Safe condition

Shape Circular TrianQular Circular Rectangular White Yellow Blue Green


Example No smoking Toxic substance Hearing protection mandatory First aid

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NEBOSH National General Certificate

Exercise 1 Outline the factors to be considered in the selection of eye protection for use at work. Answer 1 • • • • • • • Type and nature of the hazard (impact, chemical splash, UV light, etc). Type & standard of protection. Comfort & user acceptability. Compatibility with other items. Maintenance requirements. Costs. Training requirements.

Exercise 2 Identify one advantage and one disadvantage of safety goggles compared with safety spectacles. Answer 2 • • Advantage of safety goggles over safety spectacles is: all around protection. Disadvantage of safety goggle: is the tendency to mist.

Exercise 3 Explain the different between breathing apparatus and respirator. Answer 3 Respirator: is a filter for removal of air contaminants. It is either half or full face respirator and it includes a cartridge specific for the type of air contaminant e.g.: dust, vapor, fume, etc. Breathing apparatus: is an apparatus supplying the wearer with clean air or oxygen to help breathing when present in hostile atmospheres (of very low oxygen levels or contaminated with high toxicity contaminants). It is either: fresh air hose apparatus, compressed airline apparatus or self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Exercise 4 Outline the main limitations of a half-mask re-useable respirator. Answer 4 • • • • • The filter selection. Limited levels of protection. Ergonomic considerations (comfort, fit, etc.). Incompatibility with other equipment. Limitations in oxygen deficient atmosphere.

Exercise 5 The Key Consultancy Ltd 2005: All Rights reserved 73

NEBOSH National General Certificate Identify FOUR limitations of personal hearing protection as a means of protection against the effects of noise. Answer 5 • • • • • • • • Poor fit. Resistance to use. Uncomfortably Incompatibility with other equipment Cost of maintenance & replacement. Hygiene problems. Need for continuous supervision. Communication problems

Exercise 6 Outline the factors to be considered in the selection and use of personal head protection at work. Answer 6 • • • • • • • • • Type of risk (falling objects, impact, entanglement, etc.) The level of protection to be afforded. Compliance with standards. Ergonomic factors (fit & comfort). Compatibility with other equipment. Cost. Inspection to detect defects. Proper storage. Replacement of defective equipment.

Exercise 7 Describe the TVVOmain types of personal hearing protection. Answer 7 • • Earplugs: are small pieces of acoustic absorbing material. Ear defenders (ear muff): are designed to cover the ears externally with large cups held in position by a head band. The cups contain polyurethane foam or liquid.

Exercise 8 Outline the factors to be considered in the correct selection of respiratory protection for use at work. Answer 8 • • • • • • The nature of the contaminants (dust, vapors, fumes, etc.). Contaminants concentration & toxicity. Compatibility with other equipment. Ergonomic issues. Maintenance...
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