Occupational Safety and Health

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CT301 Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings

3.3 Reasons may include:
To comply with health and safety legislation,
To preserve life,
To minimise the consequences of injury and illness,
To treat injuries and illnesses effectively.

4.1 Routes of infection may include:
Blood circulation, Digestive, Respiratory, Body fluids.

4.2 Own health or hygiene might pose a risk by e.g.:
Causing a serious infection,
Causing illness,
Causing fatalities.

4.3 Method may include:
Using soap,
Using running water,
Using hot water,
Rubbing palms and interlacing fingers,
After every contact with an individual, body fluids or tasks.

4.4 Personal protective equipment – refers to any protective equipment or clothing that an employer must provide where risks have been identified. This may include: Gloves, Aprons, Masks, Hair nets.

When to use may include:
During personal care,
Handling waste,
A change of activity,
To protect the carer,
To protect the individual.

5.1 Current legislation may include:
Manual handling Operations Regulations,
Health & Safety at Work Act.

5.2 Principles may include:
Avoiding hazardous manual handling,
Conducting a full risk assessment of load, task, environment and individual, Reporting immediately any difficulties,
Adhering to agreed working practices,
Using equipment correctly.

5.3 Reasons may include:
To comply with legislation,
To minimise injury to individual, self or others,
To safeguard own and others health and safety,
To apply agreed working practices,
To use equipment correctly.

Disposing of food may include:
Wiping all spillages quickly,
Ensuring all left over food is disposed of quickly,
Ensuring bins are emptied frequently.

11.3 Common hazards could be:
Not cooking/heating food until piping hot,
Re-heating food more than once,
Using food that has passed its use-by date,
Not following correct thawing instructions for food,
Contamination through different foods spilling onto each other. 1.1 Current legislation and subsequent amendments may include: Health & Safety at Work Act,
The Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations,
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH), Manual Handling Operations Regulations,
The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), Personal Protective equipment regulations.

1.2 Policies and procedures may include agreed ways of working as well as formal policies and procedures

Main points may include:
The significant risks in relation to the workplace and work tasks, Control measures for hazards,
The arrangements for reporting accidents or health problems, The arrangements for first aid, fire and emergencies,
Who the key person is for health and safety matters,
How health and safety is communicated in the workplace,
The arrangements to protect others.

Individual refers to someone requiring care or support.

1.3 Responsibilities of the social care worker may include: To take reasonable care for own and others’ health and safety, To report to employer potential and actual hazards and risks, To take part in health and safety training,

To understand and comply with health and safety instructions and procedures.

Responsibilities of the employer or manager may include:
To provide a safe place of work,
To assess risks and take action to reduce them,
To provide information, instruction, training and supervision, To provide safety signs,
To provide adequate welfare and first aid facilities.

Responsibilities of individuals may include:
To understand and comply with health and safety instructions and procedures, To take reasonable care for own and others’ health and safety.

1.4 Tasks that the learner should not carry out without special training may include those relating to: Use of...
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