Occupational Health & Safety Written Assignment

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Employment Pages: 4 (844 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Occupational Health & Safety Written Assignment


Joe Fuller


Prof. J. Weber

October 7, 2011

What do you consider the roles and responsibilities of workers to be in developing and implementing successful safety programs?

When implementing and developing successful safety programs in the workplace, I feel that the workers have many roles and responsibilities. These include:

* Proper use and maintaining of safety equipment/clothes in the workplace: When workers go to work, they expect to come home in the same condition they went, except for being tired maybe. By ensuring that workers are properly protecting them from whatever chemicals/machinery, etc. they encounter in the workplace, they will make it easier for the company as a whole with production being the focus, not accident reports or workers being away from work, and being injury-free. Section 28.1(b) clearly states from the Ontario Health & Safety Act & Regulations, “A worker shall use or wear the equipment, protective devices or clothing that the worker’s employer requires to be used or worn.” (College, 2011) * Informing management of potential dangers/hazards before accidents occur: Not only protecting yourself, but any employee within the same organization who would be susceptible to injury. This also includes not putting others in dangers via actions caused by another employee (horseplay, unsanctioned activity while on the job.) Section 28-2 b) and c) further explain these scenarios in more detail. (College, 2011)

Should workers be responsible for taking initiative to enhance health and safety in the workplace, and if so, how do you think this can be accomplished?

I feel that workers should INDEED be responsible for taking the initiative to enhance their health and safety as supervisors/management can’t be everywhere, so it is up to employees to carry out/deject behaviours of...
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