Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Report

Topics: Toner, Hazard, Photocopier Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Industry sector, general description of the workplace and my role in the workplace:

The workplace that is the focus of this report is a professional services firm located in the Sydney Central Business District. The firm employs over 1,000 employees and provides professional services such as tax consulting to both local and international clients.

The firm occupies a 30-level tower building. Each level follows roughly the same layout: •There is a kitchen located on each corner of the building, which includes common appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine, vending machine, sink and a photocopier. •The office follows an open-plan layout where most junior employees are allocated cubicles. •The open-plan office is lined with individual partner and manager offices.

I am a consultant within one of the tax consulting teams. My work involves providing draft advices and liaising with clients at our own offices as well as at clients’ offices. This involves the use of a computer as well as the telephone for most of the work day.

Potential hazards encountered by different tasks or equipment:

There are many potential OHS hazards that could be encountered by the day-to-day tasks performed by employees as well as the equipment used.

Type of hazardSources of harm
BiologicalFrequent close contact with other staff may facilitate spreading of germs. ChemicalExposure to toner dust from laser printers and photocopiers. HeatInadequate ventilation and air conditioning may result in build up of heat. FireRisk of fire due to extensive use of electrical and electronic equipment such as computers, printers, etc. NoiseNoise from printers and photocopiers can be above the acceptable threshold especially since they are located very close to workstations. PhysicalWalkways are narrow and obstacles such as recycling and archive boxes. •Lifting boxes and moving books from one place to another. •Posturing when sitting and...
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