Occupational Health and Safety

Topics: Management, Risk, Control Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: September 12, 2012
1) What are the potential consequences to workplace health and safety if risk controls are inadequate? Some potential consequences to workplace health and safety if risk controls are inadequate include accidents to staff or customers in which can result in injuries. Also if risk controls are inadequate this could lead to a potential breach of legislations which will be a problem for the organisation. When risk controls are not properly put into place it can cause potential harm to customers and staff as they may be left with permanent injuries and disabilities. When it comes to legislations, every organisation is required to ensure they comply with the standard health and safety environmental act implied by their local government, if they do not comply this puts them at risk as staff or customers are able to take matters further to court if the organisation fails to maintain their risk control within the workplace.

2) What are some methods available for identifying inadequate risk-control measures? Some methods in which an organisation can implement in order to identify inadequate risk-control measures if firstly by using the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’. The Hierarchy of controls is a 6 step procedures in which any organisation can use in order to assess whether their risk control measures are adequate. Another method in which an organisation can use is a risk-control plan, by using this method it sets out how all risks within the organisation will be controlled in a setting of a flowchart. The flowchart summarises how risk-control plans are developed (by either senior management or authorities), how consultation and identifying and assessing the risks which have already been addressed will fit in the overall health and safety plan. Another method in which can be used to assess whether risk-control measures are adequate is by completing a checklist which will evaluate the overall effectiveness of the risk-control plan. 3) What are some of the reasons that...
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