Occupation Eye Injuries

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Using the Medline exercises and guide6 provided on Blackboard, I was able to access to Medline database. With the Ovid: Search Form I was given an abstract view of the article1. I was directed to the “SMJ: Singapore Medical Journal” where I was able to read the article in full text.

The article1 was based on a study of the patients served by Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s emergency ophthalmology department. Statistics1 showed the main contributing group of affected patients were non-residents which accounted for more than 90% of the patients as Singapore has the highest proportion of foreign workers in Asia. The analysis amplified the issues1 on the requirement of providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the quality of the PPE, the compliance of using PPE and lastly the effectiveness of safety training and communication among the lower skilled foreign workers. ARTICLE B2:

By using the title search function of Medline, I was directed to “Oxford Journals” website where I was able to view the full article. Studies2 on the A&E department in a UK district general hospital shows that close to one third of the patients were due to occupational eye injuries. Corneal foreign body was the highest contributing injury2 which accounts for approximately 64% of the injuries. Although PPE was provided, the quality and proper usage of the PPE issues2 were still questionable. Additional factor2 on the education level of the workers further enlarged the problems with the effectiveness of training. Occupational eye injuries can be prevented if more emphasis were focused on these issues. ARTICLE C3:

Using the keyword “occupational eye injuries” on the Medline database, this title from the filtered results drew my attention as welding has always been one of the top occupations contributing to occupational eye injuries. The article3 uses a hybrid narrative coding approach from two established classification system to analyse the factors3 and events3 that cause eye injuries among welders base on the workers' compensation claims database of a large US insurance provider. Working environment with welding activities are potential hazards as injuries are not constrained to just welders but as well as the surrounding personnel for example propelled particulates hazard and UV light hazard. An important note3 is eye injuries are preventable through engineering controls such as machine guards and proper PPE. ARTICLE D4:

The article4 was available through PubMed12, a huge database under National Center for Biotechnology Information which contains vast amount of literature related to life sciences. This article4 was listed as one of the references in Article A1.

A 7 week prospective study4 on the Department of Ophthalmology at the National University Hospital, Singapore was carried out and results4 showed that more than half of the eye injuries occurred at the workplace. The main point4 from the article is eye injuries are preventable. PPE must be provided for all hazardous tasks and quality of the PPE4 must be in line with the impact of the work to provide adequate protection. Young non-resident males especially in the construction industry are more prone to injuries as they are more likely to take risk by not using the PPE provided. Lastly training on the proper usage of PPE and awareness on the compliance to legislation must be further enforced and emphasised. ARTICLE E5:

The article5 was located using the Encore search function of the University of Newcastle with the keyword “work related eye injuries. The PDF format full text was readily available.
Using the health survey results5 from 2002 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), it was identified the ratio5 of male having eye injuries as compared to female was 4:1. Education level also played a major role with results5 showing individuals with...
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