Occular Visit in Barangay San Miguel

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Journal # 1


In my Sociology class, me and my classmates were divided into four groups. We were grouped because we were given a task that I have never encountered before. Our task was involving ourselves to community service in a certain barangay of our choice. I got excited about it because I will get to spend time with my new friends in my group. But I also realized that I should also be excited in helping the community.

The barangay of our choice is Barangay San Antonio. It is an active community. I noticed that there are plenty of different shops in the area. It is a good aspect having plenty of shops because that means that the people will never run out of choices just in case they need to buy their needs. There are plenty of shops, that is why I noticed plenty of people too. Another positive aspect about the barangay is that I noticed plenty of uniformed men and women roaming the area. They are obviously the” kagawads” or “tanods” in the barangay. They are doing their job in monitoring the people’s business so that they can respond to their needs. We later went inside the Barangay Hall. I felt secure inside the place because I noticed the guards taking a good lookout of the area. But when we went inside, the barangay captain was unfortunately not there. So the other officials were the ones who took care of our agenda with them.

The first thing that I did not like about the barangay is the litter scattered around the streets. I also did not like the environment because there are plenty of suspicious looking individuals around that made me feel uncomfortable.

After our agenda with the barangay officials, we learned that we could use the basketball court beside the barangay hall for our desired community service. We went to the court to take a look at it. I noticed plenty of children playing. So I thought that we should...
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