Occidental Bank

Topics: Employment, Branch, Job satisfaction Pages: 6 (1812 words) Published: February 23, 2013
I. Introduction

Occidental Bank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines and is the flagship company of the Occidental Group, the country’s first billion dollar bank in terms of net worth. It was established in 1962 in Ermita, Manila by a group of businessmen, led by Ms. Lean Cayanan, who is currently the bank’s chairman and single biggest shareholder. Its present headquarters are at Occidental Place, located along Paseo De Roxas, Makati City, and the Philippines’ financial center.

The bank is a universal bank and through its expanding bank network, offers banking services throughout the Philippines particularly to middle-market Filipino-Chinese businesses and leading corporations.

One of the biggest branches of Occidental Bank is the Quezon Avenue Branch. It is one of the few branches equipped with complete departments. Most of the departments in this branch are composed of more than 20 people. It caters to a wide base of clientele which is approximately one hundred fifty times more than that of a small branch.

Occidental Bank, Quezon Avenue Branch is under the helm of Mr. Fidel Ramas, the branch manager. Its sterling performance had been consistently recognized by the Head Office for the past 15 years. It has always managed to outdo itself in terms of customer growth and deposit growth. The branch is known for its excellent service.

II. Statement of the Problem

How Mr. Fidel Ramas, the branch manager will resolve the issues regarding the employee’s attitudes concerning Mr. Frank De Ocampo, the officer of the Tellering Section and Ms. Bella de Guzman, a bank teller directly reporting to the latter who are both considered to be very important assets of the company. Their non-stop altercations with each other are currently affecting the image of the bank and disrupting the organizational workflow.

III. Objectives

Mr. Fidel Ramas – Quezon Avenue Branch Manager

▪ To identify the reasons of altercations and misunderstandings between of Mr. Frank De Ocampo and Ms. Bella de Guzman.

▪ To be able to think of ways on how to resolve the conflicts between the two employees without having to choose one over the other.

Mr. Frank De Ocampo – Tellering Section Officer

▪ To analyze his attitude towards his co-employees and clients that gradually creating a symptom of underlying problems and starting to contribute a cause of difficulties in the bank.

Ms. Bella De Guzman – Bank Teller

▪ To identify the reasons of Bella’s deteriorating work performance and her growing disinterest and sloppiness on her work, her unexcused tardiness and her attitudes towards her immediate head Mr. Frank De Ocampo.

IV. Assumptions

➢ Initially, Mr. Fidel Ramas thought that the confrontations between Frank and Bella were but natural between people who have to adjust to each other’s personality, especially when two persons involved both have strong personalities. So, he decided to let things take their natural course. Until he realized the consequences it gave to the image of the bank, the gravity of the situation and the workflow disruption when one of the clients named Marjie narrated the event.

➢ Attitudes are the feelings and beliefs that largely determine how employees will perceive their environment, commit themselves to intended actions, and ultimately behave. Managers of the organizational behaviors are vitally interested in the nature of attitudes of their employees toward their jobs, careers and toward the organization itself. Although many of the factors contributing to job satisfaction are under the control of the managers, it is also true that people do differ in their personal dispositions as they enter the organizations. Like Ms. Bella De Guzman who entered the bank as a fresh graduate of University of Pampanga in 1990, cum laude with a degree of Accountancy. She is a very good...
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