OCB: Case Study

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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OCB is a company based around knowledge and its unique team of specialized doctors, trying to further grow in a new sector. Questions of its operational structure and future strategic decisions seem to arise, in its way to be sustainable in the long run. Dr. Bradford Shingleton, seems to be one of the most valuable assets of the the company, as his practice is the largest within the clinic, contributing the 10% of total revenues and 20% [1] of the surgical procedures. Shingleton’s roots of success and the key fact that sets him apart from his partners is his entrepreneurial spirit. He operates as an entrepreneur in his own business, trying to have the complete control of every task and at the same time he has successfully managed to form a team fully committed to him. He is a passionate and goal driven innovator, continuously searching for new ways of improving his practices and surgical methods. He is focused to his personal goals, and has a genuine passion for his job, as a surgeon. He doesn’t just complete the everyday tasks as many of his colleagues. Quality and effectiveness of his methods are what worries him the most and to achieve that he embraces change in all of its forms. Undoubtedly, he doesn’t rely on OCB’s shared administrative and clinical resources, while all other partners do. He operates independently, trying to meet his own goals and vision of becoming a leader in his field. OCB, as an organization, seems to have a good set of practices that allowed the company to be successful throughout the years, as mentioned in the case, OCB had been growing steadily since 1990 [1]. First of all the wide range of specialists and high-skilled professionals that form the team and the large number of affiliations with prestigious medical schools were the key strategic steps that led OCB to become one of the most reputable institutes In the US. Furthermore, the smart choice of location, the...
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