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Topics: Organizational culture, Coffee, Kopi Luwak Pages: 26 (8738 words) Published: May 31, 2013

We are deeply grateful to our lecturer – Mr. Hoang Anh Duy who has given us valuable lessons to complete our work. In term of limitation in time and knowledge, it is possible that there will be irresistible shortcomings in our paper. Consequently, we are looking forward to any feedbacks to develop our topics in greater and deeper operations management knowledge in the future.

Table of content
II.Literature review5
1.Definition of organizational culture5
2.Organizational culture model6
3.Types of organizational culture8
4.Denison's’ Model of Organizational Culture12
1.Overview of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company14
2.Artifacts ( Visible elements)19
3.Invisible elements22
IV.Assessing the culture by Denison model24
2.Analysis of the results28
3.Strengths and weaknesses of the OC37
V.Conclusion and Recommendation40

I. Introduction
Organizational culture is considered a perception which only exists in an organization, not an individual. Therefore, the individual has cultural background, lifestyle, different perceptions, different working positions in an organization tend to show that organizational culture in the same way or have a common denominator. Organizational culture related to perception and behavior of the members for inside and outside the organization. At the same time, organizational culture is the most specific and vivid presence of organizations that people can easily recognize. It can be caused by many factors. So, just one element of a change, in theory, the image of the organization will be different. As a result, theoretically, it will not have an organizational culture the same as other organizations. It is difficult to assess and understand the culture of a company. When people are at work every day, many of the manifestations of culture becomes almost invisible. Assessing organizational culture needs a great deal of effort. It is the same as a habit to be done for years; it is difficult to describe in detail the process for others. This report will analyze the organizational structure of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company - one of Vietnam's leading company producing and exporting coffee. In particular, the factors can be seen as the physical structure, brand name, logo, slogan, and the ceremony will be described with illustrated pictures. On the other hand, the invisible elements of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company will be analyzed by applying the Denison model. The last part is the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the organizational culture survey results the survey results of Denison model. Research questions and research objectives

This report will help us understand how organizational culture is as well as the application of the Denison model to assess organizational culture in business. As a result, we will discover the strengths and weaknesses in the organizational culture of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company. In addition, the report also aims to launch a survey of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company to analyze and summarize the data, apply the Denison model and other methods to assess organizational culture of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company and provides some recommendations to improve the organizational culture of Trung Nguyen Coffee based on the results. This report is divided into four parts. They are literature review, findings, assessing the culture by Denison model and recommendation and conclusion.

II. Literature review
1. Definition of organizational culture
There are many different definition of organizational culture. Two of them are outstanding as followed: According to Schein (1985: 9): Organizational culture can be defined as “a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, and that has worked well enough to be considered valid and,...
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