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Topics: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Oxford Brookes University, Learning Pages: 5 (2024 words) Published: September 27, 2012
I received an email from my regional ACCA office (ACCA GHANA) announcing that they were organizing a support program for those who qualified and were interested in completing the BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. Interested students were asked to come and register at their office. I went to their office and registered myself and was informed of when i would have my first Meeting, the venue, the time and what I needed to do before that meeting. I had to go online and download the BSc in Applied Accounting information pack from the ACCA website and read it before the meeting, which I did. The information pack talked about Oxford Brookes University, eligibility, aims and outcome, assessment criteria, role of a project mentor, research and analysis project preparation guide including all the topics, submission periods and rules and regulations. I also had to come along with a jotter and a pen. I was excited knowing that I would get a degree if I successfully completed both parts of the project and I could not wait to get started.

During my first meeting, i was introduced to my project Mentor Mr. Isaac Gyimah Adigu. Using a power point presentation he told me about the factors to consider when choosing a topic. The factors he mentioned were; * Knowledge: I was to assess my knowledge level of each topic by analyzing the topic key words. * Understanding: I was to assess my understanding of the concepts and principles of each topic. * Information: I had to consider what kind of information would assist me meet the topic requirement (primary or secondary) and where it was going to come from and how accessible this information was to me. * Application of business and accounting modules: I had to consider which business and accounting principle was most relevant and applicable to my chosen topic and company. * Relevance: The final and most important factor to consider was relevance of my chosen topic to my field or career path. He then went further and gave a break down explanation of all the key words in each topic. During this time, I made a short list of four potential topics I could write on based on the five factors he had earlier explained. After I showed him my list, he gave me some personal advice and a date by which I must email him my final chosen topic. After reflecting on our meeting and the five points he mentioned and also doing some research on my information sources for each topic on my short list, I emailed him my chosen topic. He replied confirming and stated the aim of my project and the objectives I needed to achieve by the end. This was accompanied by guidelines to the first two parts of my project together with a time table of each submission period and a Harvard Referencing Manual. The response I got from my mentor after I submitted my first two parts of my work was mixed. He was quite satisfied with the part one but had cancelled almost all of my part two work. It made me feel bad and demoralized. A second look at his email and the comments he had made showed me what I was doing wrong. I went through my part two work again giving it more focus and resubmitted it by his requested date. This time around I got a positive feedback and was very pleased. He also attached instructions as to what I needed to do before our second meeting. On our second meeting, I came along with my laptop and had copied the financial statements of both my chosen company and its competitor on excel as he had requested I do. He started by asking me how pleased I was with my work so far. I was so excited when I narrated to him how his criticism of my part two had made me feel at first and how well his comments had been able to make me generate a better part two and that I was even more impressed and motivated after his positive feedback. He was glad and told me that if I kept to his...
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