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Topics: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Oxford, Oxford Brookes University Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Frequently asked questions on OBU

Am I eligible for the degree?
Check on myACCA and, if still in difficulties, see the Section on Eligibility. The Oxford Brookes University ACCA office are not able to give you any answers on this issue directly. How do I get help in preparing for the project?

Many ACCA providers also offer tuition for this project. There are also project guides to the Research and Analysis project, published by BPP and Kaplan. When do I submit the project?
There are two opportunities each year to submit the project, the months of May and November, the next opportunity being November 2009. What is included in the word count?
Appendices, contents pages, bibliography and the list of references do not form part of the word count. How important is the IT requirement?
Extremely important: If you do not show evidence of using a spreadsheet you are almost certain to fail. How important is it to reference properly?
Along with IT, failure to reference properly is the most common reason for failing the project. The references must be both in the text, in the correct format and in the List of References. One reason for this is to avoid plagiarism. See "A guide to citing and referencing for Business School students" If I want to do a different topic what do I do?

We strongly recommend that you use one of the approved topics. If you feel you are a special case then you must apply in writing to the ACCA Office at Oxford Brookes giving a one page outline of what you propose to do and the title of your project. You will only be successful in getting your title approved if it can be demonstrated that the project is applied to a particular organisation. What happens after I submit the project?

You will receive an acknowledgment either by email or letter, normally within 1 month of submitting the project. The timetables for project submissions and despatch of results are given on the ACCA website. What happens if I have passed?

You will receive a...
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