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Business & Financial Performance of Pakistan State Oil
The business & Financial Performance of Pakistan State Oil over a Three Year Period

Prepared By Mustafa Chohan Mentoring By Faheem Ahmed

This project is prepared in accordance with guidelines of `Oxford Brookes University‟ for BSC (Hons)

Business & Financial Performance of Pakistan State Oil

Table of Contents
Topic Selection About Pakistan State Oil Products Overview of the Oil & Marketing Industry Research Objectives Framework of RAP Information Gathering Limitations of Collecting Information Ethical Issues While Collecting Information Techniques Ratio Analysis Revenue Trend Analysis Profitability Ratios Leverage Activity Ratios Dividend Ratios SWOT Analysis Conclusions Future Prospects Appendix Skills & Learning Statement noataPseserP yepaerooebiB 2 2 3 3 5 5 6 7 8 8 10 10 12 14 17 20 21 24 25 26 30 53 35

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Business & Financial Performance of Pakistan State Oil

Topic Selection
I have selected Topic 8, “The Financial & Business analysis of Pakistan State Oil Limited (PSO)” as a subject for my Research & Analysis Project (RAP). Analyzing Business and Financial Position of any organization is one of the core skills for any accountant. I have selected this topic to experience my studies with a real organization. Analysis of financial statements and business environment in an exam question is very different from the practical situations where hundreds of variables affect business. This project will not only develop my skills in interpreting financial statements but also give me opportunity to understand corporate culture and economic environment.

About Pakistan State Oil
(Ref: http://www.psopk.com/about_us)

Pakistan State Oil is the largest oil marketing company in Pakistan, and is currently engaged in storage, distribution and marketing of various Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant products (POL). PSO is the market leader in Pakistan‟s energy sector. The company has the largest network of retail outlets to serve the automotive sector and is the major fuel supplier to aviation, railways, power projects, armed forces and agriculture sector. PSO came into existence in 1974. The existence of PSO was from various acquisition and mergers exercised by the Government of Pakistan. Graphical representation showing acquisitions and mergers, all mergers are following of acquisition by Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan National Oil

Dawood Petroleum Limited

Premier Oil Company Limited

ESSO Eastern

Pakistan State Oil

1999 The new vision program is launched with the new logo of PSO.

egaP |2 Pakistan State Oil

Business & Financial Performance of Pakistan State Oil

Products (ref: http://www.psopk.com/products_services/)
PSO caters to a wide spectrum of customers comprising the retail consumer, various industrial units, government, power projects, aviation and marine sectors of Pakistan. With its network of 3612 retail outlets throughout Pakistan, PSO satisfies 2.8 million customers a day. PSO is a market leader; the company‟s current market share is 82.3% in the black oil market and 59.4% in the white oil market. PSO is not only providing fuel to National power utilities like WAPDA and KESC but also serves the fuel needs of both national & international air carriers, Providing jet fuel into-plane refueling facilities at nine different airports of Pakistan. Furthermore it also fuels ships at Karachi Port, Korangi Fish Harbor & Port Qasim. PSO also caters its customers in at non fuel side which includes ATM's, Wash Express (High tech car wash), Shop Stop & Quick Service Restaurants.

Overview of the Oil & Marketing Industry
Pakistan Oil and Marketing Industry (OMI) is one of the most regulated industries in the country. „Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA)‟, `Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MPNR)‟ and other Key Governmental Authorities...
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