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The following report outlines the data gathering process, and results into the drinking habits of 18-40 year old male and females over a period of one week in Northern Ireland. The government suggests that people should not drink more than the recommended daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (attached as Appendix I). They also state that, men should not drink more than 21 standard drinks in a week, and women should not drink more than 14 standard drinks in a week. I is also important to spread them out over the week and to have some alcohol-free days (www.drinkaware.ie), (www.drugalcohol.Info).

Men drink more than women?


Numerical Data

Discrete data: can only be a whole number.

Continuous data: this type of data makes up the rest of the numerical data. It can take any value. It is usually associated with some sort of physical measurement e.g. the height of a plant.

For this survey I will use discrete data to prove or disprove my hypotheses.

Data Gathering

A questionnaire was chosen to gather quantitative data on the age of participants and the number of drinks they consume in one week. Although personal and telephone interviews, observation and electronic surveys are all good methods for gathering qualitative data, there could be a problem with research bias as it is hard to measure the effect the interviewer or observer will have on those being interviewed.

The questionnaire (attached as Appendix II), is a fast and cost effective way of gathering primary data from a lot of people, for my study. However I understand that the quality of data emerging from questionnaires is not always great. The responses to questions are limited because the researcher determines the questions that are asked and the range of answers that can be given. I also cannot predict if the respondent has been truly honest and genuine in their responses (Gillham...
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