Obstacles to National Unity

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  • Published : September 1, 2010
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The obstacles to national unity
Racial Inequality, Social Inequality, Religious inequality... etc (1)Regionalism/Separatism (ii) Linguism (iii) Casteism and (iv) communalism.

(i) Regionalism/Separatism: Regionalism or Separatism is the most advance obstacle in the way of National Unity and development. Above all regionalism and separatism are threatening to balkanize the country. Aggressive regionalism has gravely undermined the feeling of unity of the people. It creates a parochial outlook and narrow-mindedness. It is primarily a socio economic problem, related to the removal of the obstacles in the development of the people according to their genius and culture. The extremely uneven economic development of the different regions of India has created tensions and jealousy between the states as to which should get priority in the matter of new projects and industries. These tensions have their origin in genuine grievances of the regions and states that have been denied fair shares of projects and industries in the overall structure of development. The only way to do away with this imbalance in the development is to reduce and eliminate these disparities gradually. The importance of regional balance in economic development and social security as the positive factors for promoting national unity as well as in integration. Therefore, the rapid development of economically backward regions in any state should be given priority in national and state plans at least to the extent that a minimum level of development is reached for all states within a framed period. While this problem is not only an economic one, there is no doubt that a rapid and balanced economic development calculated to wipe out regional disparities would go a long way towards promoting national unity. India's unity in the midst of diversity was stressed.

(ii) Linguism: India is a multi lingual country. The language controversy started with "Hindi" being given the status of the official...
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