Obstacles on the Path to Belonging

Topics: Roald Dahl, Matilda, Melina Marchetta Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: October 13, 2010
There Are Many Obstacles On The Path to Belonging

Belonging is the need to be accepted, everyone desires to belong and not having these connection leads to a feeling of not belonging. Through the reading of Simple Gift by Steven Herrick, Looking for Alibrnadi by Melina Marchetta and Matilda by Roald Dahl we see what obstacles are apparent in each journey and search of belonging. After reading these texts we get a sense of what belonging is to be apart of something such as a community, culture and family. We also get an understanding of not belonging and the hardships and obstacles faced while trying to overcome these achieving happiness and bonds. These aspects of belonging and not belonging are explored within these texts, as they are all based around the theme of belonging.

The main characters in The Simple Gift and Looking for Alibrandi and Matilda all feel that they do not belong at the beginning of the novel. Billy feels distanced from his father, school, his town and the community. Josie feels different towards her family as she does not relate to her Italian heritage or fit in with her Australian friends either. The aspect of not belonging in Matilda is within her very own family. These all pushed them on to the path of belonging.

Simple Gift is a story about a boy Billy, in search of belonging to something more. Billy decides to leave home abandoning his old lifestyle behind due to his relation of not belonging at home, school or even the whole community. He encounters a number of people, Old Bill who is also homeless and Caitlin a girl who has everything in the world except still is missing something. Both relate to Billy as they also to do not belong either in society or school and they create their own sense of belonging with Billy. Billy later realizes his new home was the town of Benderat and his new family were Old Bill and Caitlin. The statement "There are many obstacles on the path to belonging" in relation to Simple Gift can be seen...
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