Obstacles of Going to College

Topics: Education, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: October 28, 2010
What are the expectations of going to college? There are many expectations of going to college to help young adults better themselves as a whole. These expectations will increase the abilities to become more acquainted with the circumstance that comes with college.

Attending college can help you to become literate by using different learning techniques such as studying, paying attention in class, asking for help, and doing all class assignments. Studying can be exceedingly beneficial because it can better prepare you for tests and gives a better understanding of class assignments. Paying attention in class also plays a major role. It can build a better understanding of what you learned. If you don’t quite understand what you are learning, ask questions. Be sure to be clear and concise on what you do not understand. Also it increases your chances of getting a better job. Instead of doing a job you absolutely hate, you get a chance to do something you love and enjoy doing on a daily basis. Furthermore, just being able to get a job without hassle is a big plus. Later on throughout your college education, you will find out the more education you have the more opportunities that come your way. Besides worrying about money issues, getting a college degree gives you a chance to support you and your family without the help from others. A better job helps you to mature more and give you a better outlook on where education takes you.

If you cannot afford to pay for your college education, there are ways around that. There is a government funding called Fasfa that helps you receive loans and grants to further you education. You can start by going to www.fasfa.gov and set up an account and go from there. You also have financial aid advisors that can better assist you just in case you run into a problem. Loans and grants are very helpful. They help you pay for books, classes, and any supplies you might need. Be sure to remember there is always somebody there to help, so...
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